Sunday, June 9, 2013

It sure has been a while!

Oh yes, it has been a while since I updated my packsearching addition blog!
I had a family member pass away after being sick for the past month and needed to be there for him and his kids.

Wow, I really don't know where to start!!!
I'm sure this will just seem like me rambling on and on, but I have so much to share!

Ok. Here we go...

I'm just going to start with some tips and the hits I pulled.

First off, we all know about Panini Prizm.  It first came out with 2012-13 Panini Prizm Basketball.  That set was extremely popular and the 2012 Panini Prizm Football was just as popular as well!  Finding the Redemptions/Autos weren't that difficult.
Then, Panini releases 2012 Panini Prizm Baseball.  Sounds great right?  Well, Panini doesn't have an official MLB license, so all team logos and such are photoshopped out and the pictures just look very bland without them.  Still, that set was popular.  About 95% of the interest were in the colored prizm parallels.  Now with Basketball and Football the single packs (4 cards per pack) were the standard foil metal like packs at both Wal-Mart and Target.  This all changed with 2012 Panini Baseball.  Wal-Mart had the packs like they normally are.  Target, however, used a white plastic like material for their packs and WOW!
I was able to get to Target 2 days after it was released and found 2 unsearched boxes!  Well all you have to do is create a "staircase" with the cards in the pack.  Essentially you separate each card just enough to see the front of all four cards.  This creates the "staircase" effect as it looks like one.  So using this technique I was able to not just find the packs with the (Retail-Only) Green Prizm card, but also the (Target Retail Only) Red Prizm card!  It took only 5 minutes to search both 24 pack boxes and get the Green and Red Prizms.  It also doesn't stop there!  Using this exact same method for the back of the pack, I was able to see the card number and essentially know EVERY card in EVERY pack!  I had the 2012 Panini Prizm Baseball checklist on my phone and just looked up the card numbers while I went through the packs!

I ended up getting 5 packs, I actually left 2 of the green prizm card packs and 1 red prizm pack because even for $2.99 a pack, the player wasn't worth it.
My camera isn't working, so until I get another one or a scanner, I don't have any pics of the cards I pulled.  I will post the pics once I have the camera.
Here are the card I pulled...
Card #179 - Matt Harvey - Green Prizm Parallel Rookie Card!  (VERY NICE!)
Card #TP5 - Wil Myers - Green Prizm - Top Prospect Rookie Card!
Card #140 - Tony Gwynn - Red Prizm Target Only Parallel
Card #185 - Hisashi Iwakuma - Red Prizm Target Only Rookie Card Parallel!
Card #25 - Ichiro Suzuki - Red Prizm Target Only Parallel!

I found two hot packs of 2013 Press Pass NASCAR Ignite.
1.) Card #HT-JL - Joey Logano - Yellow Race-Used Firesuit Swatch
2.) Card #HT-JJ - Jimmie Johnson - Dark Blue Race-Used Firsuit Swatch

Next... I also found one rack pack of 2013 Topps Archives Baseball.  I haven't opened it yet because its so easy to see every card in the pack  This pack has card #60R-MT - Mike Trout Red Game-Used Jersey Card!

There's just so much more I want to share, but I have some errands and such I have to do today.  I'll try to add more tonight or tomorrow.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates in the past couple of weeks.

I will be posting some very long, fun and interesting posts about my packsearching activities in the past two weeks.

The products that have just been released have been some of the EASIEST to packsearch!

Thanks again for your patience.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Redemption Mailday!!!

This card wasn't pulled via pack searching, but it's so awesome I wanted to write about it.

On eBay there are many people who sell teams for group breaks.  Sometimes a random team is offered or sometimes there are 30 separate auctions with each team listed in the title and description.  Well 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1 had just been released a few weeks and I wanted to be part of a group break.  I found one online.  It was for a factory-sealed case of 2013 Topps Baseball Series 1 Jumbo Packs (6 boxes are in each case).  I looked at all the teams and prices and I waited until there were just minutes left before I placed any bids.  There were a few teams I wanted to win.  However, I was outbid on every team except one.  The Washington Nationals.  I paid about $50 for the team with shipping.  Kinda high but it seemed reasonable.  Anyhow, a few days later I watched the break live online.  I got pretty much what you'd expect from a 6 box jumbo case.  I got 7 Bryce Harper base cards, 2 Chasing the Dream, 1 1972 Topps Mini, etc.  As for the "hits"  I was VERY lucky and received two!  The first was a Bryce Harper Chasing the Dream Jersey Card! I have since traded it with a friend locally so I don't have a pic.  At that point I figured I got my moneys worth as the jersey card and other cards were close to what I paid in value and I had fun watching the break live online!
Now I did say I got two hits...  Well the 2nd hit was a redemption card.  A redemption card for a 2013 Topps Baseball Series One - Chasing the Dream - Card #CDAR-JZ - Jordan Zimmermann - Autographed Patch Relic #'d to 25!!!  I was SO SO excited!  I redeemed it right away and just received the card on Monday.  It was sent certified mail and I had to sign for it!  That was pretty cool.  Anyhow, I sat down and opened the package I just received.  Here is the pic...

How Awesome it that?!?!?!?!
The card is #'d 22/25!!!
The patch on this card is really nice! Black/Grey/Red
I know there is a market for this card as I've seen online there are many people who like to put together a master set of 2013 Topps Baseball.  I've seen a few online from previous sets like 2012 Topps, 2011 Topps, etc.  Obviously the sets don't contain press plates or any other 1/1 cards.  Since this card was a redemption and there are only 25 produced should make this card highly desirable!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog here.

I also want to state in this post that I will be posting many more pack searching tips in the VERY near future!  I have said previously I wouldn't give many pack searching tips, but I want to give out tips now.
Mostly because I want others to see how much fun and easy it is to pack search!
I do stand by my first tip.  That tip being making your own packs with one pack having a jersey and the others just base.  Practice, Practice, Practice is the best way to learn and become confident.

**Update** - May 1st, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  I've been quite busy lately.

Anyhow, I did find a few more hot packs yesterday.

First off was a 2012-13 Panini Basketball Rack Pack.  Now, I knew this was a 
jersey card.  I also knew it was from the "Panini Game Jerseys" set.  So, I 
looked up the checklist on google.  Overall there aren't many desirable players 
in that set.  With the cost of the rack pack @ $4.98, it is almost not worth it.  
However, with this set, (2012-13 Panini Basketball), it is very easy to see the 
card number in the rack packs.  I looked and saw "CARD No. 5".

Dwyane Wade Black Miami Heat Jersey Swatch!  Nice!

I also did something I almost NEVER do.  I purchased a blaster box.  I have no 
idea how to search a blaster, but I saw 2 blasters of 2013 Press Pass NASCAR 
Total Memorabilia.  You receive one pack of 5 cards with a guarantee of a 
race-used relic!
I'm a big NASCAR fan and figured I might as well since I haven't any NASCAR 
relic cards from 2013 sets.  I pay the $19.98 and waited until I got home to 
open it.  Well I open it up and I got a nice insert.

2013 Press Pass "Remembering Davey Allison" Card #1/10.  This is the Blue Foil 
Parallel which are inserted 1 in every 100 packs!

The other cards were nothing special except for this beauty...

Card #TM-DP2 - Danica Patrick Race-Used Sheet Metal Card!!!  This card is 
beautiful, especially with a 3-color (Green, Black and Orange) Race-Used Sheet 
Metal Piece!  These are the colors of her sponsor!

This pull pumped me up.  So I drive back to the same Wal-Mart and buy the other 
blaster.  Once I got home I opened it.  I pulled this...

ANOTHER Danica Patrick Race-Used Sheet Metal Insert!!!  Card #TM-DP2.  This time 
the piece of sheet metal is all grey.
I looked up the checklist online and watched some breaks of the same blasters I 
bought on youtube.  WOW was I lucky!  There were many less desirable drivers in 
that set.

Here is a pic of both Danica Patrick cards together.

Aren't those two cards beautiful together?  I love it, especially since it came from retail!

Friday, April 26, 2013

2012 Panini NFL Sticker Collection

Most people wouldn't think of searching this product, but I looked and saw an opportunity.
The back of the 2012 Panini NFL Sticker Collection Booster Packs are transparent enough to see the sticker number.  I just grabbed a sticker album and searched the about 50 packs there and found 2 packs I liked.  What made them special?  One had an Andrew Luck Base Rookie and the other had an Andrew Luck Silver Rookie Insert!  I am a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts, so this was extra cool!  Especially since the packs only cost $0.99 each!

2013 Press Pass/Leaf Draft Football

Sorry for the slightly unfocused pictures, I'll get a scanner soon so the cards are much easier to see.

Here are my 2013 Press Pass/Leaf Draft Autographs...
For some reason there were a bunch of this product at the Targets & Wal-Marts in my area!  Yay for me!

Four 2013 Press Pass Football Autographs

David Amerson Red Ink Signature & Stefphon Jefferson Red Ink Signature with "Stefpheezy"

Rex Burkhead & Denard Robinson

(Top Left) Desmond Trufant - (Top Right)Kenny Vacarro - (Bottom Left) Jon Bostic - (Bottom Right) - Everett Dawkins

(Top Left w/ Red Helmet) Gavin Escobar - (Top Right Red Jersey w/Yellow Helmet) Robert Alford - (Bottom Left Yellow Helmet w/Stripe) Chris Faulk - (Bottom Right Red Jersey w/White Helmet)

Sorry for the sideways pic, I'm just learning how to blog, how to add pictures, etc.

NFL Draft Class Photo Shoot

I'd like to bring up a few topics that relate to the relics/autographs from this years NFL Draft class

During the course of the 2013 NFL season, MANY jersey cards will be pulled of members of this draft class. I am aware that placing a game-used jersey/relic is very difficult because this is their rookie year.
From what I understand, 95%or more of these jerseys/patches/footballs/etc. are from the NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot.  The letter patches on the jerseys they wear spell "ROOKIE" instead of the players last name.
Anyhow, I think it would be extra extra fun to hang out and watch the entire photo shoot.  Especially knowing that the jersey/patch card you pulled is from an event you attended.  I wish the NFL had some kind of contest where 20 to 30 fans could be at the Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot and watch all the new rookies from the 2013 NFL Draft.
I think it would be awesome to hangout there.
What are your thoughts about this?